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Become a member of AWSDA!


Membership in AWSDA allows you to be included in our free database of self-defense training instructors and facilities, rape crisis counseling centers, and violence prevention centers.  You will have access to our informative newsletters, member forums, and also receive advance notice of all upcoming AWSDA trainings and seminars.  Most importantly, membership fees and donations allow AWSDA to continue to train and certify self-defense instructors nationwide to help prevent all forms of violence against women.  


All AWSDA members must demonstrate a commitment to the agencies values, including respect for all people.


AWSDA Values:

  • Every woman has the absolute right to defend herself.

  • It is important that every woman has access to readily available, practical self-defense training.

  • It is important to educate women about their legal rights in regards to self defense.

  • It is important to provide outreach, rape prevention, and self-defense training to women in their communities.

  • It is important to establish a collaborative effort with other organizations in order to promote women’s self-reliance and to facilitate the provision of a full range of related services including rape crisis and counseling centers.


Membership in AWSDA is just $45 per year with multi-year discounts and student discounts available!


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