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About Self-Defense

AWSDA's four-hour beginning self-defense class is designed to introduce

students to the strategies, tactics, and techniques needed to win a

possible life and death confrontation against a bigger, stronger, and

committed attacker.  


A good self-defense program should teach you about situational 

awareness, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and physical

techniques that are easy to remember and easy to perform. A woman who

is properly trained and has the mindset of a survivor can protect herself

quite effectively.  Women who fight back against an attacker are actually

able to successfully get away four times out of five.


Considering the high prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence in

our world today, many women don't seek out a self-defense program until 

after having been victimized, having a close call, or knowing someone who

was assaulted.  Our classes are designed to help women increase not just their knowledge base, but their confidence in their own ability to keep themselves safe.  


Self-defense is an important priority for women; when a woman's safety

is in jeopardy, defending herself physically is an ethically-sound choice.  We want

women to know that they are worth defending, that they deserve to live a life free from violence, and that they have the skills to keep themselves safe.

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